Eye contact with Adriana Godoy


“In the storm, I am a candle, the one that looks after for beautiful songs” – Rosa Passos and Sérgio Natureza


Optimism, family bonds, and music are the elements that keep Adriana strong. Our conversation was charged with emotion. She cried, turned serious, smiled. She even laughed heartily. Adriana is a woman of faith. For this reason, she believes that “a star is always bound to shine even when a tear may fall,” as goes her favorite song Estrela by Gilberto Gil.


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“…we are all birds, free to fly and find a nest, even if it’s on someone else’s shoulder”



Flavia is vibrant, intense, and disciplined, however she shows the levity of the artistic roller skater that she once was. She chose to glide and take flight to the song “Passarinho” by Vanessa da Mata that represents her free spirit.

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“Everything shall pass,” is the mantra that Bianca uses to renew her energy and overcome barriers in her life. Red is her favorite color, which illustrates perfectly her warrior spirit, strong and yet sensitive. She says “O que é, o que é,” by Gonzaguinha is the soundtrack of her life...demonstrating with much humility (a characteristic of all mothers) that she considers herself an eternal student of life.




“...I have always been very social, I talk a lot, chat with others, love parties, love people...after the diagnosis, I closed myself off, I’m kind of phobic, because it seems that no matter where I go, people will notice that Isabela is different ...”


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