“Parents are also the main voice of autism in the world; however, their stories and experiences are often left out of the big picture. “

Grazi Corbellini Gadia



The project EyeContact – Lives shaped by Autism - emerged to give a chance for Parents of people diagnosed with ASD focus for a moment on them selves, telling their stories since the diagnose of Autism got in their lives.


The main goal is to enhance how Autism changed and shaped the history of those families. Besides their struggles and difficulties for a simple connection with their sons and daughters, EyeContact will tell how parents overcome those challenges and become advocates for the cause.


EyeContact is more than a portal, it is a multi media platform of qualified information, suggestions of literature, recommendations of treatment and even special deals of fun activities. Trough “blue deals” on the site, discounts on leisure and entertainment activities may be accessed.


Other media will include an Art Exhibition and a Book with the stories and pictures posted on the website.